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Recapture a Distinctive, Healthy Jawline

Bone Grafting Can Rebuild What You’ve Lost

When you’re missing teeth, eating can be uncomfortable, speaking can be awkward, and smiling can be embarrassing, often becoming an expression you want to avoid altogether. But missing teeth also have consequences that are literally deeper than these issues. Your jawbone stays healthy in part from the stimulation of regular chewing and from the presence of tooth roots. Without a full set of teeth to support it, your jawbone can begin to weaken and deteriorate. Before you know it, you’ve not only lost teeth, you’ve also lost a part of your jaw. At this stage, eating and speaking become significantly more challenging. The shape of your face can also change dramatically, leaving you with an unhealthy, unfamiliar, and prematurely aged appearance. With innovative bone grafting procedures including, sinus lifts and ridge augmentation, Dr. Jason White and the skilled Dental Care of Franklin team can reverse your jawbone loss and replace those missing teeth with durable dental implants here in our Franklin, TN office.

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The Benefits of Bone Grafting

  • Regain sufficient jawbone mass to support life-changing dental implants
  • Restore your natural jawline
  • Stabilize your adjoining teeth
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  • Reclaim a balanced facial appearance
  • Enjoy a more youthful look regardless of your age
  • What is a dental bone graft?
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Our Bone Grafting Procedures

Bone grafting procedures take a small amount of bone from your body or a donor source and place it in the area of your jaw where you’ve suffered bone loss. This bone graft will slowly fuse with your jawbone, eventually becoming a permanent, healthy part of your body. We can then place dental implants in your newly rebuilt jawbone, allowing you to resume normal daily activities. We offer multiple bone grafting solutions to treat different degrees of jawbone loss here in our Franklin, TN office.

If you lose bone mass in your upper jaw, your sinus can sink into the gap. We can remedy this condition by performing a procedure called a sinus lift. During this treatment we delicately lift your sinus membrane from within the cavity and place bone grafting material underneath it. After you finish healing from your sinus lift, your jaw should have sufficient mass to hold dental implants.

If your bone loss is to such a severe extent that it has significantly compromised your facial functioning and appearance, we can offer you a ridge augmentation. With this procedure we use bone grafting material to bring back the natural contours of your jaw, enabling you to eat, speak, and be happy with the face in the mirror once again.

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