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Kids Get Extra Special Care Here

Gentle Treatment from a Caring Team

Maintaining the comfort and peace of mind of our patients at all times is our ongoing goal. This is especially critical for our youngest patients. Children have less experience with dental visits than most adults, and they can find the unfamiliar sights and sounds of dental equipment, the use of tools in their mouths, as well as the fear of pain, distressing. At Dental Care of Franklin, we’re sensitive to the special considerations of children’s dentistry, and we do our best to alleviate all concerns from the moment your family walks in the door. Our caring staff will immediately put children of all ages at ease with a friendly, gentle demeanor. When you bring your children to us for pediatric dentistry care, you can expect the same quality of treatment you receive, with the extra level of compassion and caution children need to feel secure.

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What to Expect from Your First Visit

The ideal time to start your child’s professional dental care is after their first tooth erupts, but no later than one year of age. Consider setting a reminder for yourself to make an appointment using your child’s first birthday as reference. During that initial visit to our Franklin, TN office, we’ll work hard to gain your child’s trust and familiarize them with our staff and our office setting, which has a very relaxed, non-intimidating, and kid-friendly atmosphere. Dr. Jason White will listen to all your concerns about your child’s dental health, make sure that you understand what to expect from their future dental appointments, and provide guidance on how to help them maintain good dental health at home.

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Begin Good Dental Health Habits Early

Give your children a lifetime of strong, healthy teeth! Teach them important home hygiene habits—we’ll show you how—and bring them to our Franklin, TN office for regular checkups. At home, good nutrition is key. Limit their intake of sugary foods and drinks, while making sure they get plenty of calcium-rich foods like dairy and select fruits and vegetables to keep their teeth and bones strong. Brushing twice a day is also critically important. Again, we can teach you and your kids the correct brushing technique. Be sure to ask us how frequently your child should have routine checkups, which can vary by age. By following these practices, you can give your children the gift of good lifelong dental health, with fewer pediatric dentistry services needed in the short term.

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