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Pain while eating. Slurred speech. Damaged teeth that spoil your smile and make you look prematurely aged. If you have multiple dental health issues that are preventing you from living a normal, comfortable life, you may need several procedures to regain your appearance and oral functioning. When this is the case, the experts here at Dental Care of Franklin can offer full mouth reconstruction—a series of related procedures—to get you back where you want to be. 

We offer a full range of services—from permanent dental implants to temporary transitional bonding —right here in one Franklin, TN office. Dr. Jason White and our team have the broad restorative dentistry training and compassion required to perform the treatments that can restore your confidence and your quality of life. These treatments can be done incrementally to accommodate your budget and schedule.

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Dental implants are natural-looking, long-lasting artificial teeth that can replace anything from one missing or decayed tooth to several to, with full arch dental implants, an entire set of teeth. Your full mouth reconstruction process may also require procedures such as tooth extractions or bone grafting before dental implant placement, which can also be done right here in our Franklin, TN office.

Invaluable restorative dentistry tools, crowns and bridges make your mouth look and function the way it’s meant to. Gaps in your smile due to one or more non-adjacent teeth being lost can be repaired with dental implants capped with durable, natural-looking crowns. When multiple adjacent teeth are missing, we often replace them with a bridge of crowns that spans the gap. Dr. White will custom-fit your crowns or bridges for maximum comfort and optimal performance.

Veneers are small slivers of material that can deliver big benefits for you. When you have discolored or oddly sized or shaped front teeth, Dr. White can give you a consistent smile by placing veneers on them. The veneers essentially mask the imperfections, giving you the appearance of a beautiful smile. Made of highly durable porcelain, veneers look virtually identical to natural teeth and will both strengthen and beautify the teeth in your “smile zone” considerably.

Full mouth reconstruction sometimes involves whitening otherwise healthy teeth for a complete, attractive smile. If you have yellow, dark or otherwise discolored teeth, professional teeth whitening treatments can give your teeth a brilliant shine you’ll be eager to show off. With the Opalescence® in-office teeth whitening system, you can have whiter, stronger teeth that are also less temperature-sensitive in as few as 90 minutes!

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