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Being toothless is no joke. You can’t eat anything but the softest of foods. Your voice becomes practically unintelligible. You don’t want to show your face anywhere. Your smile essentially ceases to exist. Even if you have no healthy teeth left, Dr. Jason White and the team here at Dental Care of Franklin can help you reclaim a happy, healthy life. Full arch dental implants restore all the functions of your natural teeth and give you back the self-confidence to smile and laugh again. 

What’s more, we can provide full arch dental implants on as few as four posts, allowing for a condensed procedure. We can even give you temporary restorations that will enable you to leave our Franklin, TN office ready to eat and speak normally again almost immediately. When placing your full arch dental implants, Dr. White uses a special process only offered by our practice. Continue reading for the full story!

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Implants Are Better with a Plan

When you’re making as important a change to your life as full arch dental implants, you want them to be placed correctly by an acknowledged professional. A general dentist with extensive experience in full arch cases, Dr. White uses a unique process to place dental implants with the utmost precision, making for a comfortable, lasting fit. After all, these are designed to stay in your mouth the rest of your life! As with all treatments, Dr. White wants to hear what you have to say before starting work. Based on what you tell him. Dr. White may decide that implant-supported dentures or a dental bridge is the better route for you.

If full arch dental implants are the optimal way to replace your missing teeth, Dr. White uses his own 3D printer technology, combined with a low-radiation cone beam CT scanner, to create a virtual version of your full arch prosthesis. From there, he creates a custom guide that he places over your gums during implant surgery to see precisely where to insert the implant posts. This also makes for a much quicker procedure, as 95 percent of the work was completed during the planning stage! The procedure is also less invasive, meaning less discomfort during your recovery. You’ll get a set of fully functional provisional teeth the same day that you can use until the surgery site heals. Later you’ll return for your final full arch dental implants, which can provide a lifetime of reliable performance with proper care.

Benefits of Full Arch Dental Implants

  • Smile with full confidence
  • Eat your favorite foods
  • Regain your normal speaking voice
  • Improve your overall facial appearance
  • Enjoy a better quality of life
  • Natural Look and Feel

Possible Prerequisites for Full Arch Dental Implants

Depending on your current state of dental health, your mouth may not be in a condition to receive dental implants immediately. Dr. White may have to perform certain other procedures here in our Franklin, TN office before replacing your missing teeth. If you have any decayed teeth still in your mouth, he’ll need to do tooth extractions, generally during the same appointment as dental implant placement. In instances of severe bone loss in your jaw, he will need to restore your jawbone to make it able to support dental implants. This involves bone grafting, a procedure during which we take a small piece of bone from your body or from a donor and insert it into the area where you’ve lost bone. The graft will eventually fuse with your jaw, restoring your bone mass and making you a candidate for dental implants.


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